1. Baoh Everyone grab your laser cannons and elbow swords, its 80's Shonen time! 25 August 2009
  2. Battle Can Can A word of advice, DON'T WATCH THIS. 09 March 2011
  3. Birth One of the oddest OVA's ever produced in the 80's. That surely says something. 07 March 2011
  4. Cybernetics Guardian Cops and politicians getting killed by a guy in cybernetic demon armour set to heavy metal. 24 August 2009
  5. Dog Soldier: Shadows of the Past It's Japanese Rambo's fight to get a cure for AIDS, with some knifing that'll make M.D. Geist blush. Also, death merchants are an up and coming business. 13 November 2009 
  6. Dominator - An overview The first ever British CGI movie based on a manga about a rock 'n roll demon, how does that sound? 08 August 2009
  7. Goku: Midnight Eye An animated cyberpunk noir OVA featuring omniscient super cops, flying robo-dogs, gratuitous nudity and ladies with hypnotic bird feathers? Sounds like a normal day in Yoshiaki Kawajiri's anime life. 04 April 2010
  8. Goku: Midnight Eye 2 Cyborg dogs, psychic commandos and decapitated hookers? Welcome back to part 2. 24 July 2010
  9. Madox-01 Runaway power armour and a whole lot of inner-city destruction, it's actually an OVA that really succeeds. 15 August 2010
  10. Makyou Gaiden Le Deus Adventurers named after public disorders pilot giant sea-dwelling robots and fight with magical bandages, it can only happen in an anime. 04 March 2010
  11. Mars of Destruction Teenage girls are what's defending the earth against aliens. Basically, it's a pile of shit. 20 January 2010
  12. M.D. Geist - An overview A knife-loving super soldier trolls anime fandom, and that's one reason he's awesome. 08 August 2009
  13. M.D. Geist (Original) A full review of Koichi Ohata's first ever feature starring the infamous soldier. 18 October 2009
  14. M.D. Geist II: Death Force Geist returns in an even more infamous episode! Is it really that bad though? 19 March 2010
  15. Odin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight Yoshinobu Nishizaki's gigantic sci-fi folly, is it still searching for its love?  15 November 2010
  16. Power DoLLS - Episode 1 Based on a game, a short OVA about an all-female task force with mecha. To a bit of a surprise it's not total crap. 26 January 2010
  17. Power DoLLS - Episode 2 The splendidly-animated and much improved follow-up to the original, there I just spoiled this review for you, now go read it. 06 February 2010
  18. Roots Search Plagiarism, pretentiousness, psychic nonsense, awkward romance, slideshow animation and that's just the first 15 minutes. 13 August 2009
  19. Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross The most ignored part of what made Robotech, loved by few and hated by many. Is it really that bad? 03 January 2010
  20. Tenkuu Danzato Skelter+Heaven A giant floating squid attacks Japan and it's up to a group of girls in the worst-looking robots ever to stop it, JOY. 20 February 2010 
  21. The Humanoid A potential coffee commercial disguised under all that 80s pop music and failed writing, but at least it's partly pretty. 12 December 2009