1. Archangel Thunderbird Stop-motion demons overrun London and only Doug Bradley and Eileen Daly can stop them! 05 November 2009
  2. Blastfighter Possibly the best-named cop ever deals out revenge in the woods of redneck America with a gun that puts all other guns to shame. 19 September 2010
  3. Bridge To Hell One of Umberto Lenzi's last gasps for exploitation movie stardom. Did he really go a bridge too far? 13 October 2009
  4. Cop Game A crossfire of the 80s cop genre and Vietnam warsploitation, mixed with an array of stock footage by the maestro himself, Bruno Mattei. 27 March 2010
  5. Double Target It's time to get manly and detonate several dozen huts and even a shark with Miles O'Keeffe and Bruno Mattei. 30 November 2009
  6. Final Score It's The Exterminator, cranked up to ten, with birthday gangrape and minigun-toting motorbikes, all in the peaceful land of Indonesia. 20 August 2010
  7. Fireback The hunt for one man's wife is on with impractical guns, men with golden hands, blind men with spiked canes and ninja being thrown in and out of the mix. Don't forget a drug-addled production history. 02 November 2010 
  8. Future Cops AKA "Chinese Street Fighter"! Join the SF characters in unauthorized use as they go back in time to help out a nerdy guy and play Super Mario Bros! 19 April 2010
  9. G-Saviour - An overview An extensive look at the 20th anniversary live-action Gundam movie; models, books and selective starvation. 17 August 2009
  10. Hawk The Slayer A piece of camp film history, Terry Marcel's sweeping tale of good and evil. On the budget of a packet of biscuits. 30 December 2009
  11. Highlander II: The Quickening Is it really 'a fucking mess' or a new kind of magic? 07 December 2009
  12. Invasion U.S.A. Join Chuck Norris and director Joseph Zito (Red Scorpion, Missing In Action) as they take on those dastardly Commies in a movie that makes Rambo's politics look like a Tom Clancy novel. 12 March 2010
  13. Jungle Rats It's time to take to the familiar setting of the Filipino jungles with Romano Kristoff and Jim Gaines is this action-tastic snoozefest. 02 October 2010
  14. Lady Terminator A woman with a snake in her snatch hunts an Indonesian popstar while cops discuss hot dogs, yeah it's totally not a Terminator rip-off, or is it? 07 July 2010
  15. Mechanical Violator Hakaider The villain of a famous Japanese series makes guys with heads full of feathers explode. 11 August 2009
  16. Phantom Soldiers Teddy Page's ultra-violent Vietnam epic. Warning: Exploding mannequins ahead. 09 August 2010 
  17. Quest For The Mighty SwordFrom the director of Caligula: The Untold Story comes an Italian reboot of a knock-off series based on Conan. Oily pecs and boobs not included. 02 June 2010
  18. Robowar Blond superman Reb Brown takes on gibberish robot in this Italy-filtered version of Predator. 09 September 2009
  19. Rolf: The Last Mercenary Tasteless, grim and First Blood-inspired, it can only be an Italian flick from the 1980s, this time with an extra bit of sleaze. 14 November 2010
  20. Strike Commando The most action-packed rip-off ever to star a screaming chunk of manliness on legs who will blow your face off. 17 October 2009  
  21. Strike Commando 2 The sequel to the best movie ever, does it live up to the original? 01 November 2009
  22. Striker Enzo G. Castellari's foray into the jungles for a slightly above-the-mark Rambo knock-off, oh, and this is our Christmas review. 24 December 2010
  23. Super Powerful Man Cited as the sequel to Riki-Oh: Story of Ricky in some circles, just... argrejhrejh, read it and weep. 28 May 2010
  24. The Raiders Of Atlantis What happens when a director of the most infamous video nasty of all time attempts actionsploitation? Two words: Batshit insanity. 19 December 2009
  25. The Intruder The main character's name is "Rambu", what could this possibly be about?! Shock! It's not a Rambo rip-off! ...At least for the most part. 08 January 2010
  26. The Seventh Curse Best described as a "gonzo cross between Indiana Jones and Evil Dead", to expect the unexpected from this might just be an understatement! 15 May 2010
  27. Ultimax Force Ninja commandos strike at the heart of 'Nam to rescue some POW's. Business as usual. 15 February 2011
  28. Zombi 3 The sequel that's not a sequel to something that's also not a sequel, and while we're at it, no one is sure who creatively represents this film. 08 November 2010